Directed by Diana Boylston

Photo  © Harry M. Connors All Rights Reserved

TWIN STORIES ©2021 All Rights Reserved

Diana Boylston

Dwight & Dwan Valdery 

How one woman's life struggle was transformed by the events that followed personal tragedy ...

Dwight & Dwan Valdery

 We all have those secret stories and those stories all intersect in some way, some more than others ...

​​​​​A Next Move Production




           Culture and idelology seem worlds apart, but reconciliation is suddenly possible when two Black brothers realize their lives mirror those of two white sisters who grew up before they were born. Hope happens when strangers can see their own lives are not the result of every mistake they've made, but of a cycle of blame stemming from poverty and shame. Still, they're judged differently even when they have "Twin Stories." Filmed over 16 years, redemption for all finally becomes possible, once each sees in the others a love they couldn't get from the families that broke them.